Was thrilled to hear that Todd Bates Creative won an ADDY award for the Morean Arts Center anniversary book. I worked with a great team on this book: photographer Beth Reynolds and author Clint Page. The book is a celebration of the Morean's 100 year history (you can pick one up at their gift shop). 

When Shelley Manes from Designer's Press dropped off the ADDY Awards book for me this morning, she also passed on an award I won in 2016 for a brochure I designed and shot for Schiller's Reclaimed Wood. I received an Award of Excellence from the Florida Print Awards Competition. 

Not a bad start to the day!


I love concepting and designing covers! Here are some of the designs I created (I shot a lot of the photos as well) in my second stint at Creative Loafing newspaper from 2010-2014.

Back to "normal"


It's been a rough week here in St. Petersburg. Hurricane Irma decided to pay us a visit and, I have to say, it was stressful! I own a home here and as the storm approached, I struggled to find wood to cover my windows and wondered, more than once, if all would be lost. Luckily, the boards held strong, the damage to the area was not nearly as bad as it could have been and all those near and dear are safe. After the storm, things have slowly started to return to normal. A lot of people are still without power and many businesses are struggling to open again. Luckily, I have understanding clients, so they are ok with deadlines being pushed. A huge thank you to everyone out there helping return our community to normal!

Registration open for One Day Tampa Bay


Photographers of all skill levels are invited to participate in One Day Tampa Bay 2017. From their website:

"One Day Tampa Bay is a 24-hour community photography project to document the lives and light of St Pete, Tampa, Clearwater and all the towns in between. This is an annual event to create a dynamic and reflective documentation of our cities and its neighborhoods. All level of photographers are welcome."

On Saturday, September 23rd, photographers will fan out to document our region. This will culminate in a juried show at The Morean Center for the Arts in November. In addition, there will be a book produced with selected images from the day.

To read more and register, click here.